Ken Durazzo
Vice President, Dell Research Office
Dell Technologies
Ken Durazzo is the Vice President of the Dell Research Office, where he leads a team of innovative researchers who explore cutting-edge technologies for the future of Dell and its customers. Ken has over two decades of experience as a technology leader in various domains, such as networking, security, DevOps, and internet-enabling technologies. He has worked for some of the largest and most respected tech companies in the world. Some of his recent research topics include hybrid quantum computing, quantum-safe cryptography, generative AI, human-machine interfaces, heterogeneous computing acceleration and virtualization. Ken was previously a distinguished engineer at Cisco and currently holds 75 patents, with several more pending. He is the Dell representative to the World Economic Formum (WEF) Quantum Network and National Academies of Science, Medicine and Engineering GUIRR program. Ken is also a frequent speaker at industry events, where he shares his insights and expertise on a wide range of topics.
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