Fiesta 6
1:30 pm - 2:20 pm, Tuesday, September 26
Quantum Cyber Readiness: Skating to the Puck, Without Getting Hit!
Quantum Computing

Session Abstract: Organizations are increasingly becoming aware that they need to prepare for the risks quantum computing will pose to public-key cryptography. However, there remains much conjecture on when and how organizations should embark on this complex transition. This panel cover topics like how effective the transition to quantum-secure cryptography is today; how the efficacy of different quantum security technologies can be compared; and how organizations can assess quantum risk in line with other cyber risks. The moderator will draw from perspectives obtained during facilitation of global workshops convened by the World Economic Forum, in collaboration with Deloitte.Summary: This discussion will discuss how organizations can make a secure transition to quantum cyber readiness, and will review progress on PQC, the role that technologies such as QKD can play, and what organizations can do today to mitigate quantum risk.Additional Information: Please note that Colin Soutar will be facilitating the panel discussion (I could not list him as facilitator because I had to list him as primary speaker).

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