Danielle Tarino
Danielle Tarino, MA, MBE, is a leading national expert in privacy and confidentiality. She is the founder and COO of the software company Code-X, which specializes in bleeding-edge data protection and military-grade security. Prior to this, Danielle held multiple executive positions in national nonprofits. During her tenure with the federal government, she served in many roles and capacities, including as the Health IT Team Lead for the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). As an analyst, she was responsible for the development of policy and projects in health information technology and government-wide privacy and confidentiality regulatory activity. Danielle has taught addiction policy at Georgetown University as an adjunct professor and is a lifelong academic and learner. Danielle holds a B.A. from Rutgers College, an M.A. from Georgetown University, and a Master’s in Bioethics from Harvard Medical School. Her current research is focused on the bioethical implications of medical privacy and hacking.
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