Synopsys presents: The Developer’s AppSec Wishlist: How to Build DevSecOps that Works

Tuesday, September 27
12:45 pm - 1 pm EDT

With today’s threats, building resilient, secure software is necessary for reducing risk at scale. As the primary owners of remediation tasks, this reality has made development teams a key security stakeholder. Many organizations are implementing DevSecOps to weave security and development workflows together and prevent costly post-production issues. Yet, many teams struggle with reactive, ‘bolt-on’ DevSecOps that fails to integrate security tooling, test code when needed, provide security visibility across the CI/CD, or gauge the most impactful remediation tasks. This complexity can leave applications less than fully tested and secure. Join us for this session to learn how organizations can build security into DevOps and successfully drive developer-enabled AppSec. In this session, we’ll cover: Empowering developers to secure code as fast as they write it: building lightweight testing into IDE Conducting right testing at the right time: codifying policies-as-code to automate testing decisions and actively verifying vulnerabilities for running apps with Interactive Application Security Testing (IAST) Filtering AppSec noise and focusing on what matters most: using an Application Security Orchestration and Correlation (ASOC) solution to create a single source of AppSec data for your entire SDLC and prioritize meaningful security work.

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