Cyberspace Operations Issues Emerging from Conflict in Ukraine and How They Impact Civilian Organizations

Monday, September 26
4:30 pm - 5 pm EDT

This session examines new issues that have arisen during the conflict in Ukraine related to cyberspace operations.  This conflict is the first that involves a nation that is highly sophisticated in cyberspace operations and combining those activities with heavy traditional military weaponry.  It is also the first in which a broad range of industry organizations outside the area of hostilities have been warned to defend themselves from malicious cyber activity arising from the conflict. The use of kinetic and cyberspace operations in combination raises questions about the law that applies to these cyberspace operations, the status of third parties that may conduct operations against or in conjunction with one of the warring parties, and the status of civilians who provide offensive or defensive support to a warring party, to include cybersecurity providers.  These issues, theoretical until February this year, are being reshaped by actions everyday.  

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