Using The Threat Modeling Manifesto to Build an Enterprise Threat Modeling Program

Tuesday, September 27
2:35 pm - 3:25 pm EDT

The concept of threat modeling, while not new, is more imperative today than ever before. It's a foundational part of building a security culture and uncovers potential security issues before they slip into production. Proactively protecting data from the app to the API requires modeling potential attacks to mitigate weak points before bad actors find them. A team of 15 security veterans and experts, including Chris Romeo, CEO of Security journey, created the Threat Modeling Manifesto. Chris is a veteran security expert focused on developing a security culture through training and education. During this session, he will discuss why the manifesto was written, how you can use it as a foundational piece of your threat modeling program, and practical application tips for building an Enterprise-class threat modeling program.

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