Welcome & Opening Remarks/Are You Listening?! How to Get What You Want from Your CISO

Monday, September 26
8:15 am - 9 am EDT

Much is made about how the CISO can communicate cybersecurity and risk to the board and other stakeholders within an organization, but not much attention is given to how a CISO’s internal staff should go about engaging their leader. Any good relationship needs effective, two-way communication between the parties. How does a CISO like to be engaged? How do they like to receive information? What’s the best way to get your concerns and information across to the cybersecurity leader so it can be factored into the critical decisions that need to be made? In this roundtable discussion, Jill Aitoro and a panel of CISOs will examine how CISOs prefer to be engaged and communicated with by their staff. While one size doesn’t fit all, the tips, tricks and guidance provided should help to improve the communication in the security department and strengthen the overall resiliency of the organization.

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